What would it be like if every aspect of your life were in balance?

Alignment results in a life filled with energy, creativity, enthusiasm, success, harmony, happiness and personal power.

For over 20 years, through his simple and profound energy work, Bill Farber has offered thousands of sessions to people around the world which measurably increased their alignment in all areas of life.

When we are in alignment, the result is a life filled with energy, creativity, enthusiasm, success, harmony, happiness and personal power.

Bill has the ability to generate a profound state of peace and silence within the body and nervous system of the client, thus automatically creating a higher state of alignment in which the client’s own natural healing powers are accessed and amplified.

LEAP for Vibrant Health

When we begin to experience minor health concerns such as headaches, joint pain, muscle aches, insomnia, digestive issues or fatigue, this is a sign that our body is out of alignment with its natural flow.

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LEAP for Professional Success

Ideally, we would like our business affairs to flow effortlessly, always resulting in our desired outcome of unlimited success. More often than not, because we are energetically out of alignment, this is not the case.

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LEAP for Successful Relationships

Most of us experience challenges in our personal and professional relationships. If our primary relationships are strained, our children are out of control or our associations at work are challenging, there is a faster and more effective solution beyond the traditional approaches of therapy or team building.

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LEAP for Emotional Well-Being and Overcoming Additions

Do you sometimes feel that you are at the mercy of uncontrolled emotions or that your rational mind is overpowered by strong impulses? If you’ve tried other healing modalities, yet you’ve found yourself falling back into your old patterns, it could be that you are out of emotional alignment.

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LEAP Sessions with Life-Coaching

When Life-Coaching is given along with a LEAP, the guidance “lands” in a different way. Commonly reported Energy Alignment with Life-Coaching benefits: • quickly reduces stress and maintains balance in trying situations • develops clearer thinking and decision making • increases energy and confidence to accomplish your goals

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