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Energy Alignment Can Be Achieved in All Areas of Your Life

Commonly reported Energy Wave Alignment benefits: • increases energy • balancing energy flow • increases immune support • increases sense of well being • provides deep relaxation and contentment • rapid recovery from surgery and other medical treatments.

For over 20 years, through his simple and profound energy work, Bill Farber has offered thousands of sessions to people around the world which measurably increased their alignment in all areas of life. When we are in alignment, the result is a life filled with energy, creativity, enthusiasm, success, harmony, happiness and personal power.More Info...
What would YOUR life be like if every aspect of it was in perfect balance and alignment? When we live our lives in alignment, the result is a life filled with radiant health, energy, creativity, success, harmony, happiness and personal power.More Info...
How would you live YOUR life if you could develop a natural and spontaneous Manifestation Trigger? Development and utilization of this Manifestation Trigger will enable you toaccomplish your goals and manifest your intentions rapidly and with far more ease and enjoyment.More Info...
A profound, enjoyable, and deeply balancing experience that brings about a state of mental and physical quiet along with full alertness. This state allows the body and mind to effortlessly release any blocks to the smooth and unrestricted flow of life energy. Sessions often include intuitive coaching along with special processes to address specific goals and / or issues.More Info...

What others are saying about Bill…

After getting a Life Energy Alignment session from Bill, I felt more ease and flow in my life. It was a great experience.
Marci Shimoff, Author of NY Times Best Seller HAPPY FOR NO REASON
Bill’s Life Energy healing work is what I call a “sure thing.”
Janet Attwood, Author of NY Times Best Seller THE PASSION TEST
Bill Farber is my go-to guy whenever my children or I are needing “healing.” Not only has he helped me with physical ailments but he actually saved my life – twice!! I’ve also witnessed Bill’s Alignments eradicate emotional problems, transform relationships and allow people to manifest their heart’s desires. And you’ll love how you feel during the process…so peaceful yet utterly alive.
Debra Poneman, Bestselling author and founder Yes to Success, Inc.
Bill is amazing, he is the real deal folks, I had a tremendous experience
Debbi Dachinger, Media Personality, host “Dare to Dream” radio show
I don’t usually go to “energy” workers and I didn’t believe in distant “healing”, but I needed help and called Bill. I was recovering from surgery and having some complications and a lot of pain. By the end of my first phone session with Bill things had shifted dramatically for the better. I kid you not. I HIGHLY recommend him!
JS, Chicago IL
I had a very aggressive type of ovarian cancer and I really believe Bill was instrumental in my cure. The doctors had given me a 5% chance of recovery. His long distance phone treatments lessened the side effects of the roughest type of chemo possible. What he did was incredible. I feel good and am still cancer free after eight years. I don’t think I would be here today without the help I received from Bill.
DS, Fairfield, IA
Bill, what magic have you done?!! I’m able to jump out of a chair, something I couldn’t do for years. I am able to stand without feeling like I’m going to collapse into a heap. I’m able to do simple tasks around the house which I could never get down to doing. My mind feels like a fog around it has lifted. This is all truly unbelievable! I now feel new, like an engine that has been rehauled!! This is like magic!! Thank you
TR, Multiple Sclerosis patient, distant healing client, Mumbai, India

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Bill is not a physician or health care professional. He does not diagnose or treat disease. His work is complementary to and supportive of any kind of health care regimen, allopathic or holistic. His work is not intended to replace any medical, psychological or psychiatric treatments. If you should have a dramatic improvement in any condition after experiencing the Energy Wave Transmissions, do not suspend or change your medical treatments or prescriptions without first consulting your health care professional. By signing up for this offer, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above.